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Name:Fullmetal Alchemist Kink Meme
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Community description:A Fullmetal Alchemist Kink Meme
Hello! Welcome to the FMA kink meme. (Or rather, the new one.)

The Rules

1. Remember, “your kink is not my kink and that’s okay.” Please do not respond negatively to a prompt. The comment will be deleted. Additionally, personal attacks will not be tolerated.

2. Content tags (tropes, kinks, warnings, etc) are recommended but not required. The only exception is that if the fill includes explicit sex involving characters under 18 (even if they're both under 18), which you must warn for it for legal concerns in certain countries.

3. All comments must be anon. However, when you’ve finished a fill, if you decide to repost it somewhere else, feel free to drop a link.

4. For ease of browsing, putting content tags in the title of the comment is recommended. For example: Roy/Hughes, academy, h/c; Ed, Al, Winry, hugs; Kimblee/Ed, dubcon, bondage.

5. Despite the name kink meme, this is a general prompt meme, and ships are not required. The definition of “kink” is to be interpreted broadly. So gen cuddling is just as welcome as bdsm a/b/o slavefic.

6. You do not need to write fic to prompt. Everyone is welcome. Also, remember, it’s anon. If you haven’t written before, this is a great opportunity to start!

7. There is also a tumblr. Prompts and fills will be crossposted there, unless you specifically ask for them not to be. You can also submit both prompts and fills directly to the tumblr. If you do submit a fill to the tumblr, please link to the prompt you are responding to. Directions on how to use the tumblr here.

If you have any question/comments/concerns, feel free to contact the mods, either by commenting on the rules post, or by sending a message on either DW or tumblr.

For reference, the old kink memes, which are full of wonderful prompts and fills:

And since they are there, and there are many old prompts, if you see an old prompt you want to fill, feel free to bring it over here, just post a link to the original prompt, and then reply to yourself with the fic.
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